21 December 2011

And We Thought We Speak Good English!

It is the 3rd day in Singapore...and I am still in the office at this hour!

It has been quite fun these last 3 days especially with our colleague Shaun whom is British by the way. I have never realized how bad our English was until he made fun at the sentences we so commonly use:-

Sentence 1: Hi! How are you? Have you taken your lunch?
Shaun: Where should I take my lunch to?
Correct sentence should be: Have you eaten?

Sentence 2: She doesnt take beef. She's buddhist.
Shaun: But where does she want to take the beef to? Back to her house?
Correct sentence: She doesnt EAT beef.

Sentence 3: Do you want to follow my car?
Shaun: I won't be following your car, I'll just hop in it!
Correct sentence: Do you want a ride?

We had a few good laughs at how funny the way we communicate. Guess it is time for us to learn the proper English! The Queen's English that is!

12 December 2011

Correction: Lunar Eclipse

Correction on my previous post. It wasn't solar eclipse but a lunar eclipse. So what we saw 2 nights ago was a total lunar eclipse. Guess I got confused with the 2 eclipses! My bad!

As I have briefly defined solar eclipse in my other post, here's what wikipedia states about lunar eclipse...

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth so that the Earth blocks the Sun's rays from striking the Moon. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, a lunar eclipse can only occur the night of a full moon. The type and length of an eclipse depend upon the Moon's location relative to its orbital nodes. The most recent total lunar eclipse occurred on December 10, 2011. The previous total lunar eclipse occurred on June 15, 2011; The recent eclipse was visible from all of Asia and Australia, seen as rising over Europe and setting over Northwest North America. The last to previous total lunar eclipse occurred on December 21, 2010...
Unlike a solar eclipse, which can only be viewed from a certain relatively small area of the world, a lunar eclipse may be viewed from anywhere on the night side of the Earth. A lunar eclipse lasts for a few hours, whereas a total solar eclipse lasts for only a few minutes at any given place, due to the smaller size of the moon's shadow. Also unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses are safe to view without any eye protection or special precautions, as they are no brighter (indeed dimmer) than the full moon itself.

It is good to know the difference between the two eclipses now.

Lunar Eclipse, Dec 10, 2011, 23:14hr

Lunar Eclipse, Dec 10, 2011, 23:43hr

10 December 2011

Solar Eclipse

When one mentioned the word "eclipse", what would be the first thing that crosses your mind? Twilight? No, I ain't referring to the Stephanie Meyer Twilight's 3rd series, Eclipse. I am referring to the real eclipse. Solar eclipse the be exact. I have just witnessed this natural phenomenon just couple of minutes ago right here from my crib! Have you ever witnessed one before?

If I recall correctly, I have seen a solar eclipse when I was younger, during my high school days. Tonight, marked my second experience. What exactly is a solar eclipse?

As seen from the Earth, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun as viewed from a location on Earth. This can happen only during a new moon, when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction as seen from Earth. At least two, and up to five, solar eclipses occur each year; no more than two can be total eclipses. Total solar eclipses are nevertheless rare at any particular location because totality exists only along a narrow path on the Earth's surface traced by the Moon's umbra. - Souce: Wikipedia.

Hubby and I gazed up into the sky, blessed by the sight of the eclipse (as Hubby said, there will not be another one in another 60 years...) as we stood side by side. How true would that be, no one knows... except maybe, for our little Hayden whom by then would be able to witness another solar eclipse with his future wife, just like his mummy and daddy tonight... 

Solar Eclipse 10/12/11 23:14hr

Solar Eclipse 10/12/11, 23:43


16 November 2011

A Fresh New Look

I have a lot of free time today (yes, aint I the luckiest person?!). So free that I am thinking what should I do to occupy my time. Hence I thought of updating my blog with a fresh new look. New colour scheme and new layout. Do you like 'em?

This makes me wonder: Humans are so fickle. We just love new stuffs. We sometimes get bored with whatever we are doing (such a routine we feel!) and we crave for new excitement. Do you feel that way too? Or you are the type of person whom like everything as it is and that you are afraid of changes?

Anyhow, as I was playing around with the settings and creating a new layout, I happened to land on the statistic page. I cannot believe what I saw. I am so utterly happy! I have never thought that I would have readers not just in Malaysia and Brunei, but in the States, UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, Estonia, Netherlands and Israel amongst others! I am stoked! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

This post is specially dedicated to all my global readers wherever you are. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to continue writing on this little mini-diary about love, life and solidarity. This would give me (and us all) an opportunity to look back at our past experiences and the memoirs of life events that pierced deep into our hearts and mind as we grow older year after year.

Eventually, we will age and our memories will fade but our blog will remain as if it was written only yesterday...  

Thank you to all my readers from all over the globe!
Picture saved from candygurl81.blogspot's statistic page.

11 November 2011

Its 11.11.11!

I thought I had to pen down something in my blog on this auspicious day (auspicious! really??). All I know, the most memorable part of today is that my plumber finally fixed my toilet wc. Cool eh?

I finally moved back home after recuperating in my parents house for a week. Being with my little baby boy throughout the days (and nights) have been fantastic. I absolutely love motherhood. Hayden could now crawl, pull himself up and stand on his own without support for a couple of seconds. In just a matter of time, he would be walking his first step!

As it is now coming to the end of the year,  it is time to plan for the new year. Not planning 'planning', but rather just sit and think about what do I need to achieve in 2012. Another baby? Hmm... a new career? Nah, I loveee my job (*ahem*! Just in case 'someone' that matters read this part of my blog and starts scrutinizing me in the office in the event I said I want a change in career!).

2011 has been great. 2012 would be greater I believe! What have you achieved so far and what are your plans for next year? Have you ever thought about it?

To all my newly-wed friends out there on this very special day, a big heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to all of you. Wishing you all with everlasting love, unity, happiness and good health throughout!

Happy 11.11.11!! See you in another century!

04 November 2011

The Surgical Moments

And so I get to see my son today!

After 10 days of not holding him, I miss him so dearly. I am currently still lying down on the hospital bed, awaiting for discharge. Surgery was successful and I am on the road to recovery.

Despite the post surgery pain at the wounded area, my throat and chest have a slight irritation feeling to it too. Apparently, I was intubated during the surgery. Can I remember anything about the surgery? Yes, I could remember a little of it before I was knocked off...

At 5.45am on Tuesday the 1st of November, I was asked to change to my surgery robe and to put on the surgery cap. As I was wheeled in to the Operating Theatre, it was 6.12am. My anaesthesiologist, Dr Jam came and they put on some funky white coloured liquid into my IV line. Then I saw my surgeon, Dr Karpal adjusting the big rounded lights on top of the operating table and smiled at me. Next, there was a mask placed on my nose and mouth and I was told to relax and breathe in to it. I did and I gagged! How embarrassing was that?! Anyway, couple of seconds later, I felt dizzy and the room was swirling....

I had a weird dream during the operation. I remembered little of it. I was in a white tunnel, full of lights, bright lights and I remembered seeing people standing on the left of the tunnel. They were dressed in white too. They were all standing in one line and smiled at me as I was walking through the tunnel. I am not kidding. It felt so real!

When the doctors and nurses woke me up, I could hear their voices, but I could not open my eyes (I felt so drunk!) As they continued to give me a light slap on the face, one of them actually pry open my eyelid and I could see a small light - I guess they were checking if I was alive? I really wanted to tell them right away that I could hear them and STOP SLAPPING ME! But I was too drowsy to do any of it...so finally, I could see the blurry image of my doctor and I was left to recuperate in the room...

3 days have passed since the surgery and it is now 8.44am 4th November 2011. I have just been served breakfast. I am all eager to get home and kiss my darling baby. Miss him too much, you have no idea! I am so glad to get rid of the pain. I feel free now. Free to walk, free to do anything. The taste of freedom is so sweet!

Thank you to all of you who took the time to read my blog and to all your well wishes, thank you. I truly appreciate it. And thank you to all of you who came to visit me at the hospital too! I am truly grateful to have you as my reader and my friend.


01 November 2011

The Surgery

4.30am Kuala Lumpur. Just got back yesterday evening and here I am on the hospital bed at this hour, suffering from jet lag. In 1.5 hours time, I will be placed on the operating table to have the abscess removed once and for all.

As I am typing here with just my right hand (as my left been strapped with the IV), I could still feel the pain thundering below me. I am waiting patiently for my doctors to come to have my condition assessed and finally to knock me off to sleep for the surgery as the pain is getting pretty unbearable. You may wonder how this pain feels...well, let me put itthis way: it feels like your skin is torn apart and is being dumped in a pit of fire!

Will be logging off for now. Pray for me, hope this surgery is said to be what it is without any further complication. Till then....